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We offer the only complete technology platform for scientific information on the nutritional composition of foods.

Greater control and better management in less time.

The idea

The idea for Alimentium first came about in response to the specific needs of food business operators when Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information came into effect. Under this regulation, food businesses must now provide allergen information and nutritional values for all their foods.

The tool

We’ve created a tool that not only helps users comply with regulations, but also provides numerous additional features, like the cost calculation wizard and HACCP wizard, as well as tools for automatically creating digital menus and recipe fact sheets, ingredients labels, and so on.


Our primary aim is to provide tools that add value to food businesses, improving professional practices and enhancing the information made available to consumers. We want to make the sector better overall, ensuring that health, nutrition and food safety are within everybody’s reach.

Our values

At Alimentium we know that we’re working in an area that affects people’s health. We are therefore committed to providing accurate information verified by leading professionals in each field, be it nutrition, food allergies and intolerances, or food safety.


An intuitive tool to help users comply with regulations, control costs and obtain useful information at the touch of a button.