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The complete solution for nutritional composition data, food safety, cost management and regulatory compliance for restaurants and other food businesses.

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Greater control and compliance with legal requirements

imentium gives you complete control, helping you comply with Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information in a simple and intuitive way. Alimentium also includes instructional questionnaires to assist with HACCP management.

Complete nutritional data for all your dishes

Using Alimentium software, you can calculate nutritional data for all your recipes and foods quickly and easily. Our easy-to-use technology is the practical solution for all your food data needs.

Comprehensive management of all your dishes and costs

Manage the entire production process of all your dishes to keep within your budget. Alimentium’s visual interface enables practical and effective cost management.

Save time and manage your business more efficiently

Alimentium is a practical and intuitive tool that performs calculations with multiple variables automatically, saving you time and effort.


Fully functional recipe book

Alimentium comes with a collection of recipes designed and tested by expert restaurateurs. Add new recipes and ideas to your menu, or filter recipes by allergen, cost or other variables.

Magic wand

Alimentium has a revolutionary smart system for creating recipe fact sheets. Simply upload a photo of your menu and Alimentium will automatically create the dishes, suggesting ingredients as well as advising about notifiable allergens.

Digital menu

Create a digital menu that will help you communicate what you have to offer to your customers more effectively. Adaptable, multilingual menus where you can choose what information to show, plus many other useful features.