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Our product

Better management

entium is the perfect integrated solution. Simply input all your dishes and menus and start managing costs, spoilage and recipe cost breakdowns.

Less time

Save time thanks to Alimentium’s easy-to-use interface and advanced features, such as the magic wand and allergen control tools.

Nutritional data

Alimentium provides detailed nutritional information for all your dishes simply and automatically, putting calorie counts and nutritional data at your fingertips.


Allergen management

Detect notifiable allergens in your dishes using a database created by specialist nutritionists and doctors.



Keep consumers safe and provide peace of mind by detecting potential cross-contamination using Alimentium’s instructional questionnaire.


HACCP management

Alimentium’s support system for self-monitoring of critical control points provides record-keeping and alert systems and HACCP plan creation tools.


Recipe management

Create fact sheets for all your dishes, with details of preparation methods, presentation suggestions, ingredients and more.


Cost management

Ingredient cost breakdowns for all your dishes to help you make the right business decisions. Calculate selling prices of dishes or menus, costs, spoilage and more.


Digital menu

Create a digital menu that will help you communicate the dishes on offer more effectively. Adaptable, multilingual menus where you can choose what information to show.


Magic wand

Smart system to help you create fact sheets for your dishes. Upload a photo of your menu and Alimentium will create the dishes and suggest ingredients and notifiable allergens.



Access information about products purchased from suppliers, adding it to your nutritional information and cost breakdowns at the touch of a button.

  • Automatic nutrition management system tells you and your customers the nutritional composition and calorie content of your dishes
  • Create labels for prepacked products with all mandatory information included
  • Option to connect and interact with existing health apps
  • Communicate all the information to your customers: create allergen or nutrition tables in different formats (online, QR code, PDF, etc.) and in multiple languages
  • File download area: allergen icons, posters, documentation and more
  • Catalogue of industry products and services
  • Fully functional recipe book: import dishes to use in your menus, find new ideas, filter by allergen, list dishes by cost, and more
  • Option to integrate with POS terminals or other applications at the point of sale
  • Various design options for your printed menus